how do you crop on gimp?

Reply Cropping is a basic editing tool that allows you to crop unwanted parts of an image. To crop an image in GIMP, select the Crop tool from the toolbar and drag a selection around the area you want to keep. Once you’ve cropped the image, you can resize it or apply other adjustments as … Read more

How do I close my acorns account online?

Reply To close your acorns account online, go to and click the “Close Account” link in the upper right corner of the home page. How to cancel your Acorns app subscription How To Close Acorns Account (OFFICIAL) Can I close my acorn account at any time? Yes, you can close your acorn account at … Read more

why is there no sound on my ps4?

Reply There are several possible reasons why there may be no sound on your PS4. One possibility is that the mute button on your controller may have been accidentally turned on. Another possibility is that there might be something wrong with the sound settings on your PS4. You can check your sound settings in Settings … Read more

does xbox game sharing share dlc?

Reply Xbox game sharing does not share DLC. DLC is an add-on to the game that must be purchased separately. When two people share a game, they both play the same copy of the game. How to download your friends’ DLC. Xbox One DO NOT SHARE THE GAME! Can you Gameshare Xbox DLC? Yes, you … Read more

how to clean honey?

Reply Honey can be cleaned with a little warm water and a soft cloth. Make sure the honey doesn’t get wetter than necessary, as this can cause it to spoil. how to clean honey? How to draw honey from the comb| honey harvest in india| honey hunters| What is the best way to purify honey? … Read more

how to cancel keepsafe premium android?

Reply If you wish to cancel your Keepsafe Premium subscription, you can do so via the app settings. From the main menu, tap “Settings” and then “Subscriptions. ” Click “Cancel Subscription” to remove your account from the Service. #Keepsafe Recover deleted photos and videos 🔥 | July 27, 2020 Live Proof | How to recover … Read more

how to hide only one story on instagram?

Reply There is no definitive way to hide just one Instagram story. Some methods include deleting the story, blocking people from viewing it, or making the story private. 2 New Instagram Features | Now hide a specific story *Update on Instagram* 😱 How To Hide Instagram Story From Someone | Instagram Story Hide Kaise Kare … Read more

how to clean nose after rhinoplasty?

Reply After rhinoplasty, it is important to keep your nose clean. This means gently washing the area around the nose with soap and water and using a saline nasal spray to keep the area moist. It is also important to avoid blowing your nose for at least two weeks after surgery. How to clean your … Read more

how to get grey text in instagram bio?

Reply There is currently no way to get gray text in your Instagram bio. However, you can change the font color to black or white. Add blogger or athlete caption on instagram profile/ how to put athlete on instagram Add blogger or athlete caption on instagram profile/ how to put athlete on instagram How do … Read more

how to put reindeer antlers on car?

Reply There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to put reindeer antlers on a car will vary depending on the make and model of the car. However, some tips on how to do this include using strong tape or magnets to attach them and making sure they are securely attached … Read more