How do I fix display over other app features not available?

How can I fix the display of other app features that are not available? Screen overlay error on Samsung phone or tablet Navigate to the application. Navigate to Settings and tap Apps. Navigate to Special Access. Click More Options (three vertical dots), then Special Access. Tap to appear on top apps or draw on other … Read more

Why does my YouTube video say no stream tap to retry?

Why is my YouTube video showing no streaming? Click to retry? If you haven’t updated the YouTube app on your iPhone in a long time, you may encounter “Error loading YouTube, tap to try again” on your iOS device. This is because older versions of the app have issues that have been fixed by the … Read more

What is MDE Service Framework?

What is the MDE Service Framework? What is the MDE Service Framework? The Android Media Router Framework allows manufacturers to enable playback on their devices through a standardized interface called MediaRouteProvider . Can I delete the MDE service framework? This framework cannot be forced to stop And permission cannot be denied. How to disable Google … Read more

Why do I keep getting a notification on Twitter but nothing there?

Why do I keep getting notifications on Twitter but nothing there? Try to clear your Twitter application Via Settings > Apps > Twitter on your phone. If that doesn’t work, you can clear your Twitter application data to automatically log you out of your Twitter account. When you log back into the Twitter application, the … Read more

What has happened to Bubble Witch Saga?

Dear Bubble Witch Saga fans, It’s with a heavy heart that we inform you that on the 2nd of October, 2020, we will terminate the service for Bubble Witch Saga. On that date the servers will be taken down and the game will no longer be playable. What is happening to Bubble Witch 2? Friends, … Read more